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Your Market(ing) Planning 

One of the most important processes in every commercial organisation is the planning process.  Product/Market(ing) managers need to have clear product/market goals, a strategy and action plan aligned with the overal commercial strategy.   We know that the plan is just a plan ; it's how you get the plan - the process of getting the plan - that creates the highest value.  And of course what you do (the action) with the plan...

We help you to set-up our product/market plan process, define what a 'good' plan means for you and support you with all the tools/techniques you need to write a 'good' plan.

Market Segmentation

If you do not segment, you're simply not thinking good enough

Segmentation is of course one of the key processes in your market approach.  It's your first step in the Segment-Target-Position-Brand (STPB) process.   Starting with segmentation is KEY in your market approach (we strongly recommend you to follow that order and not starting with branding first, then later start thinking who would buy this and where and how to convince them... that's the wrong road).

Segmentation is very often more art than sciences, you will need to get it accepted and aligned with your sales and marketing/product/brand managers to make it actionable.   Read our 'insights' topic on market segmentation for more in-depth understanding of 'right' segmentation.

Market Value Chain Mapping

Getting insights in your market value chain is crucial.  Crucial to understand who 'controls' the chain, who has strong influence, who 'earns the money' and how the chain is evolving.  

Market Value Chain mapping is crucial if you want or need to disrupt your (go-to) market approach.

Writing your product/market plan

How to write a good product/market plan ?   First : the process, how to come to the plan, is an important key success factor to make your plan really happen. Second : you need of course the right things in your plan (struture/tools/techniques).  We help.