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Strategic Leadership

Our starting point in organisations is often in market strategy and/or pricing.  But sometimes the solution is not in the market strategy or pricing.   When the real challenge is in the corporate strategy, we support organisations in reflecting on what made them excel and if the strategic drivers that made them excel in the past will remain the same drivers to ensure future success.  We have a strategy process that helps management teams reflect on their future strategic drivers (how to outcompete competition) - and their future areas of excellence (where we need the money in and focus on).

If your competitors are the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning - and the last thing on your mind in the evening ; you have a me-too strategy and it is not working.

Strategic Profit Leadership 

By defining your future strategic drivers and areas of excellence you create a competitve differentiation to outperform your competition. Of course the most important question to be answered in strategy is ; what business do you want to be in (your sandbox).  Your next question to be answered is how to outperform your competitors in your sandbox.  

We facilitate strategic discussions based on strategic driver choices and the derived areas of excellence to invest in in order to outperform your competition.  The process is described by 

The ultimate strategy is one that makes competitors irrelevant. 
It ‘s not about good management, but about the 5% you do differently.

That's what is called Strategic Leadership.

Market Value Chain & Eco-system Analysis

Getting insights in your market value chain and eco-system is crucial.  Crucial to understand who 'controls' the chain, who has strong influence, who 'earns the money' and how the chain is evolving.  

Market Value Chain mapping is crucial if you want or need to disrupt your (go-to) market strategy.

Commercial Due Diligence

Our teams help you with the analysis and risk assessment of the commercial strategy ;

  1. Market dynamics : evaluate size and expected growth
  2. Competitive landscape
  3. Product/Market segmentation and positioning
  4. Customer feedback
  5. Pricing and Profitability
  6. Marketing/Sales skills
  7. Innovation and Product Management
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