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Improving Product Management Processes

The client's product management team was snowed under too operational work, not getting to the more strategical reflections or market plans.  Their time was filled with operational support of the international sales teams and fire fighting client requests.   The whole team was lacking behind in true market oriented innovations and the product roadmaps were purely vendor driven.  The new commercial director decided to spice-up the product management roles and processes - and restructure the organisation.

How we helped

Our team started with making clear what 'kind of product management' was necessary to bring it to peak performance for the organisation.

What we did :

  1. Assessing and visualising the as-is processes of product- and services management
  2. Defining the to-be process situation together with PM, sales, R&D and marcom
  3. Describing the impact on the RACI
  4. Evaluating the impact on the PM and commercial organisation by splitting Product Management from Market Management and Go-to-market Management
  5. Align all stakeholders to the new processes/organisation and roles


  • The Product Management processes are clear, supported by the whole team and aligned with sales, R&D, and marcom.
  • 2 new market managers have been recruited, roles and priority setting for the PM team redefined - and an improved go-to-market process installed in the different regions.