Home Trainings BOOTCAMP : Subscription Based Pricing

During this intensive 2 day training, we discuss all in-and-outs to define your subscription based price policy

We will dicuss = in italics is optional if you are in software only:

  1. The typical commercial challenges for software - and yours ?
  2. How to charge for software
    2 main license models
    4 license pricing plan practices
  3. Why designing around the price is important
  4. How to build your subscription based pricing plans 
    4.1. Segmentation first
    4.2. Packaging design alternatives : pros and cons
    4.3. Price metrics alternatives : pros and cons
  5. How to define your value based price ?
  6. How to get Saas managed - the metrics
  7. Reflecions on your road ahead

Contact pva@vanaerdeconsulting.com if you are interested in this or another in-company workshop.