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During this intensive 2 day training, we discuss all in-and-outs of (commercial) software product management.

Also see our 'Subscripton/Saas Pricing' programme.


1. Role and Intent of Product Management

  • What are the different roles – and added value - of PM ?  
  • Exploring the different PM organisational designs.
  • Reflection : what kind of PM do we need ?

2. The 10 key processes of Software Product Management

  • Reflection : what is your organisational Product Management Maturity ?  
  • Reflection : what should we improve ?

3. PM as super octopus

  • Product managers lack formal authority, they need to develop leadership skills to influence others and lead regardless. McKinsey believes that product managers are increasingly “mini-CEOs of the product” who use a broad knowledge base to make decisions. That requires new skills in aligning diverse functions and to be savvy at developing networks. PM-ers need to develop agent of change skills ; PM-ers are often central in the organisation’s informal networks and need to be effective at bridging disconnected groups to be succesful.

4. What is peak performance as PM ?

  • Reflection : how effective are you in your PM role - how do we spend our time ?
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of PM ?

5. PM as marketeer (value creation)

  • The PM marketing mindset
  • Exploring the benefit ladder
  • VOC integration techniques

6. PM as planner (the product/market review as key process)

  • What is a 'good' product plan ?
  • What is an effective process to get a good product plan ?
  • Reflection : what content do we need in a product plan ?
  • Reflection : do we have an effective product plan ?

7. A practical guide to Saas Pricing

  • How to define your Saas price (for software) - extensive and practical guide 

8. A practical guide to implement Economic Value Modeling

9. PM as innovator

  • The role of PM as innovator
  • Why innovating around the price is so important
  • How to priortize features development ?

9. PM as portfolio-manager

  • Strategic versus Operational Portfolio Management
  • How to make the pruning and phase-out decisions ?

10.Lessons learnt about the PLC and Adoption theory

11.Recap & Personal Action Plan


Of course, we customise the programme on your actual PM context and learning goals. 
Please contact pva@vanaerdeconsulting.com for an intake meeting.