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Mobox monthly subscription plan - https://www.mymobox.eu/

Bridgestone expands it’s MOBOX product, a monthly subscription for premium tyres and vehicle services.  MOBOX is an all-inclusive monthly subscription service ‘MOBOX’.   MOBOX subscription offers new tyres, full warranty and other premium vehicle-related services, and all at a price per month.  First piloted in 25 First Stop stores across France in Oct 2017, MOBOX has now been expanded to 30 Speedy shops in France and 20 First Stop stores in Spain since June 2018. The subscription service will begin to roll out in other European countries from 2019 onwards.

MOBOX users will pay a flat monthly fee (starting from just € 7/month) for a service package that can be customised.

Basic packages include new premium tyres, fitting and full warranty for tyre related damages, as well as additional vehicle-related services such as tyre checks and rotation, wheel alignment, air condition refill, wipers, and more. The warranty means that if MOBOX customers incur a puncture or any other kind of tyre damage, the tyre will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Customers will also have the option to adapt their packages to include extra products and services, such as summer/winter tyre switching, storage services and selected car maintenance.

Bit strange that Bridgestone has not chosen for the best practice of ‘good-better-best’ tiering here, but a 4-tiered offer, what do you think ?