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We are not satisfied as long as you are not successful.  Our customers appreciate this commitment.  We strengthen your organization with action-oriented and immediately effective interim and project managers to lead, 'boost' and realize your projects.

We work with a large pool of selected senior pricing professionals, all used to work project-based, to break silos and get things done.   We know all interim managers personally and they are selected because we know they have the experience and deliver.   We coach and support your selected interim manager to ensure that your get results.

VC Interim services include ;

  • Intake, definition of tasks/requirements/profile
  • Selection of interim managers that fit for the job
  • Briefing of the interim manager on desired outcomes
  • Coaching/mirror talks with interim manager during asignment 
  • Regular follow-up meetings (if required) with you to ensure good progress and fit

If you are looking for an experienced interim or project manager  ; please contact Pol Vanaerde (pva@vanaerdeconsulting.com), we deliver.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the tariffs for interim management ?
    We are very transparent in our tariffs.  We can ensure you that we select pricing professional from a select group of people that we personally know.

    . Profile : experienced interim pricing / revenue mgrs
      Depending on industry and project experience       : € 645 - € 795 per day

    . Profile: senior interim pricing / revenue mgrs
      Depending on industry and project experience       : € 800 - € 945 per day

    Tariff includes intake / selection / coaching / mirror talks
    Tariff based on end-of-month payment conditions
    Tariff exclusive travel costs

  2. What is the minimum duration of an interim assignment ?
    Our interim managers work on assignments from min. 3 months on.  Shorter assignments are not possible.

  3. What is the typical duration of an interim assignment ?
    We experience that the average duration is between 6 to 12 months, with outliners to 18 months.

  4. Can we also select an interim manager to implement our pricing / revenue management projects ?
    Of course you can, our interim managers can also deliver your pricing projects (project based means : with a clear starting point - end date -  milestones - goals, scope and desired outcome defined) based on a daily tariff or even a flat fee agreement. 

  5. Do you accept performanced based payments for delivering pricing projects ?
    Sure, we can talk about it.  If we are able to clearly define the margin improvement from delivering the pricing projects we are open to discuss a performance based payment approach.  Experience shows that most organisations fall back on a flat fee agreement.