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Peak Performance for Product Management - Value Creation

Product Management is becoming a very crucial function in every organisation.  Product strategy, product roadmapping, portfolio management, life cycle management, pricing and go-to-market topics are often discussed here.    There is no single answer how to organise your product management.   Product managers come in many roles ; as technical product management, commercial product management, product marketeers, ... there are very much flavours.  The principle how to select is clear : structures follow capabilities, and capabilities follow strategy. It's important to discuss/reflect and define the 'right' product management roles to excel the processes (and attract the right people).     We help to make it clear and bring your product management to excellence.

Organisational design

There are 5 main product management organisational designs and the best fit needs to be aligned with your strategy for optimal performance.   Do you need techical or commercial product management ?  Or do you need both, in one or two functions ?  And do we need segment management - or channel management next to product management ?  What about marketing ? etc etc.  

We have developed a VC Product Management framework to reflect on the Product Management you need - read the download for more background.  We help to make it clear and we help you to make it happen.

Capabilities follow strategy, structures follow capabilities.

10 vital process mappings

Once the organisational design is clear, it's important to ensure all stakeholders are aligned around the 10 key processes of product management ; that all accountabilities and responsibilities are clear for all stakeholders.    One of the most persistent challenges is that it's not clear for everyone who should do what (think product management, segment management, marcom, channel management, business intelligence and all other stakeholders that play a role in the vital product management processes).  Product manager's role is to break down silos, role alignment is crucial !

We not only help you to reflect on the best Product Management processes for your organisation - we also assess/improve the vital PM processes to peak performance.   

Capability Development

Product Management teams are typically build around experienced and less experienced team-members with mixed previous experiences in technical, R&D, marketing, sales, marketing ... roles.   It's important to bring the whole team to the same maturity level, to align them on the expected roles and accountabilities and to train them on the vital product management processes and tools.  We train your teams in both commercial and technical product management tools and processes.   We have experience in b2b, b2c, b2b2c - products, services and software industries.

Our projects almost always combine process advice with customised product management trainings to train the vital product management processes, tools and techniques. 

Product Portfolio Management

The symptoms of a poorly tuned product portfolio are multiple - too much slow movers and/or troubleshooters - too low profitability - too much portfolio complexity - simply not enough resources to support all initiaves ; all signals of tactical portfolio challenges.   The solution is in flagging the candidates for portfolio pruning and/or revitalisation and make it happen.

Some signals are more strategic : too few innovation or a too vendor driven portfolio - no clear roadmaps for many products - no clear alignment in the portfolio strategy with the corporate strategy.  The solution here is to assess your actual product portfolio, design your (future) portfolio-strategy, set the right priorities and allocate the resources to the priorities to realize the change.

Product/Market Planning

The yearly product/market planning process is one the most vital PM process.  The right process will align the stakeholders around the as-is and to-be of the product strategy, go-to-market strategy and roadmaps.  It's one of the most powerful processes to break down silos, align the stakeholders and get respect and commitment from the stakeholders (sales/marketing/marcom/operations).

We have installed many product planning processes, in different industries and organiations.  We help you to install the planning cycle, the milestones and support you with the templates and tools.

We recognised the plans are useless,
but planning is priceless.